Nothing like New Orleans in spring…nothing like a New Orleans wedding in spring. Spring 2015 Jarratt and Emily introduced us to the city they love and their love for each other.

Letters on a page describe a vow and that day these letters were glady, tearfully, sweetly spoken.



plensa copy

Jame Plensa’s art captured my heart in Mellinium Park – what a splendid surprise to wander into this one last week in the New Orleans sculpture garden.

This reminds me that I carry these wonderous tools, words and letters, for my daily drift, sculpt, heal, blog, and song.  All glady unfinished for now.

Hello world!

leaf, loves

blue dog for my blog

Today I decided to begin a new blog. I’ve been writing over at for a couple of years. That’s my business blog. This is my personal blog. A space to move through time, place and crazy.

George Rodrigue’s career as an artist began with lush landscapes of his native Louisiana bayou. Anyone could have painted those. With a sudden shift and bouyant brushstroke the blue dog with an outlet for a nose appeared and became his beloved signature subject for the rest of his life.

Reflecting on my own future signature now.