Beauty and Being Hive Friendly

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beauty and beesI was placing a flat of freshly planted succulent cuttings on the greenhouse bench when this color caught me. I dashed for my Canon. Enthralled by the scintillating shades in this epiphylim bloom I was ready to click the button when a bee agreed and buzzed in for pollen. Bees are beauty builders. Bees feed us and sometimes bust up a picnic.

True: To make one pound of honey bees need to visit at least 1 million flowers and fly approximately 50,000 miles. The nectar collected is then evaporated by the wings of 50,000 to 70,000 worker bees that make up a hive at peak season. When the honey is ready only 18% of the original water remains; any more and it would ferment. Let that thought enter your awareness the next time you reach for a spoonful of honey and be in sweet awe.

True: Divine genius is illumined light years beyond our human imagination. bees, honey, garden When you plant, be brilliant and, plant bee friendly. Source plants from organic producers. Big box garden stores are selling “bee friendly” plants that have systemic pesticides, neonicotinoids, that are higly toxic and likely the cause of colony collapse. We are in this together. 

Without bees it’ll be bye bye beauty. color therapy Look closely soften your focus and you will experience all the colors of the chakras generously and wonderously radiating from this one bloom. From the red root to the violet crown and white light. Look long enough and you may even feel a shift in your own energy field. Feel blessed. You are a blessing.

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