A Visitor With a Timely Gift

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Maybe you remember the old juicers that were a hassle to clean, wasted  nutrition in the form of discarded pulp and required pounds of produce for a few glasses of carrot juice. I bless my Vitamix everyday with gratitude.

We had a guest recently. He has the body-wide circulatory destructive disease diabetes. 34 million Americans have it and 57 million American have prediabetes. That shock inspired my research which led to cinnamon. Adding 1/4 to 1/2 teaspoon of cinnamon daily over 40 days lowered fasting blood sugar up to 29%, decreased LDL 27% and up to a 30% reduction in triglycerides.

Mornings are spicier.

juice ingredientssm

Mornings are deliciously natural.


Cheers to healthier, happier and kinder living!

Developing Character and a Character Developing


Apology letters are few and far between. The only one I recall is ancient history. It was a poem entitled “Sorry” from a high school beau who dumped me for someone else. This week, I received a surprising apology note from this young lady, my niece. What in the world could this sweet faced girl have done to apologize for? Acting out at the County Fair 9 months ago! apology page1 page2_3 IMG_2324 Happiness is good health and a short memory for unhappy moments. I’m blessed to have both.




Nothing like New Orleans in spring…nothing like a New Orleans wedding in spring. Spring 2015 Jarratt and Emily introduced us to the city they love and their love for each other.

Letters on a page describe a vow and that day these letters were glady, tearfully, sweetly spoken.



plensa copy

Jame Plensa’s art captured my heart in Mellinium Park – what a splendid surprise to wander into this one last week in the New Orleans sculpture garden.

This reminds me that I carry these wonderous tools, words and letters, for my daily drift, sculpt, heal, blog, and song.  All glady unfinished for now.

Hello world!

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blue dog for my blog

Today I decided to begin a new blog. I’ve been writing over at BRIGHTERSTEP.com for a couple of years. That’s my business blog. This is my personal blog. A space to move through time, place and crazy.

George Rodrigue’s career as an artist began with lush landscapes of his native Louisiana bayou. Anyone could have painted those. With a sudden shift and bouyant brushstroke the blue dog with an outlet for a nose appeared and became his beloved signature subject for the rest of his life.

Reflecting on my own future signature now.